The Arts Castle Welcomes You 

Thank you for considering The Arts Castle for your upcoming event. This historical and unique venue is one you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy and create many wonderful memories to cherish. 

The primary function of The Arts Castle (Delaware  County Cultural Arts Center) is to serve the community as an arts center and teaching facility.  Consequently, we ask that all rental functions be compatible with our mission. DCCAC is a private,  non-profit organization. 

In this brochure, you will find a complete description of the facility and equipment available to you and a rental agreement form to fill out. 

If you have any questions,  please call us at (740) 369-2787 or email us at 190 W. Winter St. Delaware, OH 43015

Building Information 

The two main gathering spaces available for rent are the first-floor Parlor/Library and the second-floor Grand Ballroom. A chairlift is available for those who are mobility impaired.

Maximum occupancy: 

Parlor/Library (336 sq. ft.):  

• Stand-up reception with chairs – 40 

• Receptions with tables and chairs – 24 

Grand Ballroom (1,000 sq. ft.): 

• Stand-up reception with chairs – 100 

• Receptions with tables and chairs – 72 

Second Floor Kitchen: 

Fully-equipped kitchen (refrigerator, range top, two ovens, dishwasher, microwave, and coffee maker)  on the second floor adjacent to the ballroom may be also rented during your event.  


The parking lot at the Elizabeth St. entrance has ten parking spaces including one handicap space.  There is additional parking available along Winter St. and Elizabeth St. 


Men’s and women’s restrooms are located on the first floor. Both are handicap accessible. 

Available at no extra charge are: 

• 12 Six-foot rectangular tables 

• 12 round tables (48″ top over card tables) • 109 cushioned folding chairs 

• Dining room table with 6 chairs (requested 7 days before the event) 

Available at a nominal charge: 

• Piano – there are three pianos available; one in the Parlor and two in the Music Room. Our staff will move a Music Room piano into the Ballroom for your event, if desired. 

Parlor/Library Grand Ballroom 



Rental spaces are available separately or all are included in entire building rentals 

Rental Information Policies & Agreement 

General Rental Policy Information 

Rental and cancellation policies 

• A deposit (listed below) is required at the time of signing the rental agreement. No rental is guaranteed until the office receives a signed agreement and appropriate deposit. 

• If a cancellation is received prior to one month before the scheduled event, 80% of the deposit will be refunded. 

• Deposits are refunded one week after the event if  

Renter (organizations, groups or individuals) must  abide by the following rules and policies or risk  the loss of deposit or cancellation of their event with the loss of rental fee: 

• All renters should confine their event to specific, rented areas within the building unless prior arrangements are made. Rental  events must never interrupt or disturb the  regular functions and activities  

of The Arts Castle. 

• The renter assumes responsibility for the welfare of the facility during the rental period,  and is liable for any damages to the property and its contents. 

• The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited,  but renters may serve them to their guests. 

• Smoking, open flames and candles are not permitted anywhere inside the building. 

• Equipment is not to be “borrowed” or taken  from the building, nor is it to be moved from  room to room without prior arrangements or  permission. 

• Custodial staff will handle general set-up and  take-down of the required equipment, unless  other arrangements are made in advance. 

• Any artwork on display in The Arts Castle must  never be moved, removed or covered up. 

• Use of nails, staples, thumbtacks or any other  materials that could damage the walls or  floors is prohibited. Instead, we encourage  freestanding displays. 

• Renters will put trash in the bins, remove  decorations, clean up, dispose of food, and  leave the building in an orderly way. 

• Dishes, equipment, utensils, food, and supplies  in the kitchen cabinets are the property of The  Arts Castle and not to be used without paying  for kitchen rental. 

• The Arts Castle cannot take responsibility for  accepting or storing food or equipment prior  to your rental period. Please arrange for any  deliveries to be made during rented time. 

• The first floor of The Arts Castle is easily  accessible to those with disabilities. The  second floor is accessible by chair lift. 

• While The Arts Castle may be rented any  time of day, the building must be closed  and locked at midnight.  

• The fire escape off the Ballroom is for  emergency use only, by order of the fire  marshal. 

general rental rules are followed and no damage is  sustained to the building, its contents or equipment.  Any damage in excess of the deposit will require the  renter to repair the damages to the building, and/or  replace contents or equipment. 

• The rental fee is due one month before the event. 

rental requests 

Entire Building Full Day (up to 12 hours)……… $1000+$500 Deposit Half Day (up to 4 hours)…………. $500+$250 Deposit

Ballroom Full Day (up to 12 hours)………… $600+$250 Deposit Half Day (up to 4 hours)…………. $300+$250 Deposit

Parlor Full Day (up to 12 hours)…………… $300+$75 Deposit Half Day (up to 4 hours)……………. $150+$75 Deposit

Kitchen Full Day (up to 12 hours)……………………………………….. $100  Half Day (up to 4 hours)…………………………………………… $50

Piano……………………………………………………………………………………. $25 

Required Custodial Services……………………….$20/hour Set up & Take Down/Clean Up Fee 

 TOTAL_______  Refundable Amount _______ 

The Board of Trustees of The Arts Castle reserves the right to refuse or terminate the use of the facility by anyone. 

* If the renter is a company, the rental agreement should be signed by the president of the organization or by an authorized party. 

** Caterer’s proof of insurance must accompany this application. We request that the caterer has a General  Liability Limit of $1,000,000 and that the Delaware County  Cultural Arts Center is included as an additional insured.