Join us in celebrating! The Arts Castle is celebrating
35 years in business and the Castle building is 170!


Ceramics on the Wheel Camp

Learn the basics of using a pottery wheel and create your own bowl to take home! You will learn how to use a pottery wheel through detailed, step-by-step instructions to create your own works of functional pottery. Learn glazing   techniques to make your work unique to you.

Jul 22, 2024 – Jul 26, 2024

Anime Drawing for Beginners Camp (B)

Students will be introduced to the style of anime cartooning. Drawing inspiration from established anime, students will learn the basic drawing methods and techniques of anime cartooning. If you have a favorite anime character, please bring copies for reference.

Space Abstract Painting Jr./Sr. Camp

Learn how   to create abstract space paintings spontaneously, intuitively, and with   confidence. This class will have rotating themes including splatter painting,   geometric painting, palette-knife painting, and mixed media. Leave class with   your own one-of-a-kind works of art!

Jul 29, 2024 – Aug 2, 2024