A Message from Diane Hodges, Executive Director The Arts Castle

In light of the “Stay at Home” order placed on Ohio citizens, The Arts Castle will not be holding any classes at the castle for the spring quarter. In recognizing the impact on our students and their families in closing the schools and being isolated at home, The Arts Castle has created a free online program via FacebookThe Arts Castle Studio, and hope that this can bring some solace and creative relief to the community in dealing with this crisis.

We will be offering several online paid classes that we had planned to offer this spring. In addition, we have reached out to several castle instructors and asked them to create FREE online classes that ANYONE can take at NO COST. Please check our facebook/website as these will be posted in the next few days.

We realize this is a difficult time for all of us and want you to know that even though physically we can’t be with one another, that the Castle can offer opportunities to continue exploring their creativity and focus their minds and energies, in giving families common ground through art activities and experiences to share and have fun, and in keeping us connected through art.

I have been an art therapist for 40 years and believe during this time that art provides amazing and healing ways to focus our energies and creativity.  Our instructors and staff will also be creating opportunities for everyone in our community to make art happen. We will be posting videos and photos on our website every day for all to challenge your imagination and creativity, let you see upcoming projects for our camps and classes, and give you opportunities to create your own art work while watching an instructor demonstrate an art project such as:

Legos—basic building ideas and challenges!!

Games—art games, matching games, competitions

Dancing—learn a few cool dance moves

Drawing—draw your favorite animal

Painting—paint out how you are feeling!

And we will be encouraging you to share what you do with us online!!

As well, we will be sharing a favorite piece of artwork that we have at the Castle from our current exhibit “Storytime: Ohio’s Authors and Illustrators” and at Gallery 22 from Bill Obenaur’s exhibit “Family Reflections”.

While this is a very challenging time for all, art can offer ways for expressing ourselves, learning new things, and engaging us together.  

Please continue to check our website (, Facebook, and Instagram for updates. 

Stay well!

Diane Hodges, MA, ATR, RPT
Executive Director The Arts Castle

Questions? Please give us a call at 740-369-2787.

Closed to the public without an appointment.

Gallery shop closed until further notice.